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Websites ​

Online resources for anime, manga, novels and more.

Anime ​

  • Aniwave LiteAltProxiesAlt Proxies
    • Huge library with Watch Together feature
    • Less amount of compression compared to other sites that use 3rd party hosts
    • Has both hardsub and softsub (multilingual)
  • KickAssAnime Proxies
    • Scrapes Crunchyroll(duckstream) and Bilibili(birdstream)
    • KAA encodes(videstreaming) are quite good(the new encodes) and loads better.
    • Duck has the highest overall bitrate but may have buffer issue.
    • Has both hardsub(duck) & softsub(rest)
    • Has missing titles. But, you can request them in their support server
  • Aniwatch Proxies
    • Huge library with Watch Together feature
    • Re-encodes shows for smaller size with lower overall bitrate.
    • Softsubs may create issues in different scenarios, but can be beneficial for multi-language support
  • Animepahe 23
    • Uploads mini encoded files, useful if you want smaller files or have low bandwidth
    • Uploads Blu-ray and DVD versions if available
    • Has a good amount of missing titles

More ​

  • Kaguya
    • Scraping based website
    • Has a good amount of sources (Crunchyroll, Aniwave, Kickassanime etc.)
    • Scrapes manga sites too (Mangadex, Katana, Batoto etc.)
    • Only chromium browsers are supported & needs browser extension to work
    • Crunchyroll may display incorrect shows that, in some cases, cannot be fixed due to limitations
  • Animeflix Proxies
    • The main sources are scraper based (Gogo & Zoro)
    • Crunchyroll is available for some of the titles
    • Uploads own encodes too with decent quality but not available for every title

Manga ​

  • Comick
    • Minimal compression
    • Aggregates from various scanlation groups
    • Has official translations
    • Reader isn't as good as mangadex
  • Mangadex 18+
    • Uploads without compression
    • Best reader UI
    • Uploads from various scanlation groups
    • No official translations* since it was created for fansub
    • May remove content if there is a DMCA request by the publisher or doesn't allow upload at all (e.g. One Punch-Man)
  • Mangasee 2Alt
    • Has official translations
    • Compresses chapter images
    • Chapter updates are relatively slow
  • MangaFire
    • The UI is very clean with notification system
    • Uploads both chapter(multi-lang) & volume releases
    • Basic reader UI
    • Watermark on almost every manga chapters
    • Manga uploads are upto x1600
  • Batoto Proxies18+
    • Has both scanlated and official releases
    • Has some exclusive uploads
    • Decent filtering options with site theme options
    • Indexing is really poor

Scanlators ​

Mangadex group
Duck's Note

I have tried to add all the well-known scanlators for manhwa and manhua, but for manga, it's not practical or possible to add all the famous ones. So I have added my favorite ones. Yes, this section is kind of biased.

Music now has it's own megathread!

Novels ​

Games ​

All listed sites have NSFW content unless specified otherwise
List of Untrusted Game Downloading Websites
Try searching with Japanese titles on Nyaa/Sukebei. Also, for Sukebei, try searching with the DLSite product ID.