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Network Stream ​

Network streaming DDL, IRC and Torrent video files.


The basic process:

  1. Copy the download link
  2. Put it in the stream button

You can't play videos from some sources like Google drive, Mega etc. For this example, we will use Tokyo Insider. You can get more good DDL sites here.


Read the full guide on IRC. When you start the download, a file will be created in the download destination. If you open the file while it is still downloading, you can play the downloaded sections. Technically, you are only able to play the parts that have been downloaded, so you cannot skip ahead and play the non-downloaded parts. This method works because the downloader downloads the file sequentially.

Torrent ​

The same procedure as DDL network streaming, you have to use magnet link instead. For the software, we are using Webtorrent to network streaming. If you don't like the internal player of webtorrent, you can choose external player in the webtorrent settings.