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Anime Glossary ​

Anime portion of the Wotaku glossary!

Terms ​

AnisonThe abbreviated form of Anime Song. It indicates the songs present in the Anime. Generally opening and ending.
CanonCanon refers to content that was not present in the original source material but is part of the anime storyline. Canon is used to expand the world-building of the anime, fix the pacing of the source material or more character developement.
FillerFiller refers to content that was not present in the original source material & doesn't affect the storyline. During filler, story doesn't get any progression.
GengaThe raw keyframes of an anime scene. Dong Chang has explained the whole proces in his video. Example: Jujutsu Kaisen
OADOriginal Animation DVD. OVAs that were bundled with the source material (eg. manga).
ONARriginal Net Animation. Anime that was originally released on an OTT platform.
Original AnimeAnime that's not an adaptation of existing material such as Manga, Light novel, picture book etc.
OVAOriginal Video Animation. Anime that was originally released on a physically medium.
PVPromotional videos of the anime. Generally teaser, trailer, preview etc.
SimulcastSimultaneous broadcast or stream of the latest episodes alongside their country of origin.
SimuldubSimultaneous dub release of the latest episodes alongside their country of origin.
Seiyuu/VAThe voice actor/actress of the anime.
Cour, Season, Split-cour

In Japanese TV, the broadcast schedule is divided into four seasons: Spring (March - May), Summer (June - August), Autumn (September - November), and Winter (December - February). This means that an anime can have 13 episodes in each season.

  • Cour: Each 13eps/season is called a cour.
  • Season: The continuous run of an anime is called a season. It can be a 1 core (Example: Chainsaw Man), 2 core anime (Example: Kimetsu no Yaiba) or a 4 core (Example: Naruto)
  • Split-cour: When the anime season isn't continuous and has a break of one or two cour. Example: Spy x Family

Sections ​

BrandingThe logo animation of studious and distributor of the anime are shown here. Example
RecapRecaps the previous epsisode(s). Generally it's found in long running shounen series. Example
Cold OpeningIt's the portion of the anime before the OP. Sometimes it can be just recap or a setup for the episode.
OPOpening sequence of the anime. Although sometimes they are placed before the eyecatch. It's basically an animated music video of the anime showing the nature of the characters. The scenes can be anime original. The OPs are generally 1.5 minutes long.
Title CardAlso known as Title sequence. It is a part of the OP. Example
Mixed OPWhen the OP is overlaid with the plot of the anime.
EyecatchThe animated sequence before the ad break or the end of first part. It's generally a still frame. Example
EDThe ending sequence of the anime.
Mixed EDSame as Mixed OP but for ED. Chainsaw-man Ep 12 & Relife Ep 13
OmakeAn extra portion of the episode. Generally a filler. Example
PreviewShows a glimpse of the next episode generally action sequence. This is also used as PV.