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Software ​

Apps and programs for your various devices to watch or read stuff. Covering all the operating systems.

Android ​

  • Aniyomi
    • Unofficial Tachiyomi fork for anime
    • ⚠️ Use preview version for better experience (& the stable version is quite outdated)
    • Clean and minimal design
    • Offers other types of media too including manga
    • Tracking support with enhanced type
    • Good amount of extensions are broken
  • Cloudstream
    • Minimalist Customizable UI
    • Offers other types of media too
    • Tracking & backup support
    • Local player support
    • Extensions often break
  • Dantotsu
    • App is based on saikou, uses tachiyomi & aniyomi plugins
    • ⚠️ App is alpha. So there are optimzation & stability issues
    • Decent UI but limited customization
    • Can be used offline
    • Also offers manga reader
    • Anilist and MAL sync

PC ​

Manga ​

  • Houdoku winmaclin
    • Easy to setup
    • Good Customizable UI
    • Has good amount of extensions
    • Tracker integration
    • Can download manga
  • Tachidesk winmaclin
    • Uses the same extensions and backups as tachiyomi so good extension support
    • UI is same as tachiyomi
    • Can download manga
    • No tracker integration
  • Tachidesk base
    • lots of sources to pick from
    • basic settings for reading
    • lacks basic reader features
    • complicated requirements such as JAVA
  • Sorayomi
    • Needs Tachidesk server to work
    • Minimal and easy to use
    • insufficient features
    • loads slowly (depends on your internet)
  • Tachidesk JUI
    • Needs Tachidesk server to work
    • Batch downloading manga
    • new tab window while stream reading

Anime ​

  • Miru
    • Torrent based
    • Pretty good UI with schedule and advanced search
    • Has AL tracking and RSS feed
    • Can stream external magnet link and it'll auto detect the anime.

Novel ​

iOS ​

  • 9Animator
    • Decent UI with extension integration
    • Casting & notification support
    • Tracking support
    • Downloading episode available
    • Small number of extensions
    • Only available trough sideloading

Downloader ​

  • Hakuneko
    • No Crunchyroll implementation
    • You have to index each site first, which takes quite a long time, after that the search is almost instant, but loading episodes for anime again takes some time depending on the source.
    • Not a great interface, but it does the job, and you can tell it is more thought out for manga.
    • Not too many anime sources, some of them do not work.
    • Hakuneko 7 working sources, 1 is nsfw
  • animdl
    • No UI, terminal based
    • Easy to use once installed
    • Not too many anime sources, some of them do not work.
    • AnimDL 7 working sources, 1 is nsfw
  • ADL
    • No UI, terminal based
    • "Complicated" installation, especially on Windows
    • Uses many different scripts, including animedl, so lots of functionality
    • Tracking capability & many more
    • Same amount of sources as AnimDL
  • Crunchy-cli
    • No UI, terminal based
    • "Simple" installation
    • Crunchyroll account required, Premium if you want all the anime available
    • No streaming, only download
  • Crunchyroll Downloader v3.0
    • Straightforward UI
    • Easy to use
    • Crunchyroll account required if you want premium content
    • About the same functionality as Crunchy-cli
    • No streaming, only download
  • Nyaa Downloader
    • Runs via terminal, has a pretty simple UI
    • Used for torrent downloads that can be redirected/downloaded directly into a BitTorrent client - no DDL functionality
    • for only
You can find more PC related tools here.