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Torrent Glossary
Torrent portion of the Wotaku glossary!
ClientA program that enables peer-to-peer file sharing via the BitTorrent protocol (qBit, Transmission, etc.)
FreeleechDownloading torrents with this tag won't impact your ratio.
Hit-and-RunTo download a torrent without following the tracker's minimum seeding requirement. Abbreviated HnR or H&R.
Leech / LeecherCan have two meanings: either a downloader in general or peers with a very low share ratio.
PeerA client connected to the internet transferring data. Can be a downloader or seeder.
Peer-to-Peer / p2pA file sharing network in which every computer/client both uploads and downloads data.
Port ForwardingPort forwarding allows computers to become connectable, thus being able to interact with a larger number of peers and improving transfer speeds. Video Explaining Port Forwarding or Beginners Guide to Port Forwarding.
ProxyA proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the internet. They're commonly used to mask your true IP address or avoid geoblocks.
RatioThe relation between the amounts of uploaded and downloaded data. Trackers usually require you to have more upload than download, thus keeping it at a value above 1.
Seed / SeedingA seed is a peer that has fully downloaded a torrent. Seeding is uploading that data to other peers. Partial seeds are also possible, but not encouraged by trackers, as they're bad for file retention.
SeedboxA server built/rented for the specific purpose of transferring torrents. You can securely download the files to your computer afterwards.
Sequential DownloadActivating this option makes the client download the file pieces in sequential order, making it possible to already stream the files while the transfer is still going (provided you have a decent internet speed).
SnatchTo fully download a torrent.
SwarmThe collective term for all peers sharing a particular torrent.
TorrentA torrent file contains the metadata of specific files/folders and enables their distribution.
TrackersA special type of server/website that enables and keeps track of torrent transfers. They can be public (meaning that anyone is free to access them) or private (requiring you to get an invite or pass an interview).
VPN (Virtual Private Network)Services used to securely route all the traffic on your system through an encrypted connection to a remote server, thus giving you an additional layer of security and anonymity. This encrypted tunnel is what distinguishes them from simple proxies.