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Madokami Joining Guide ​

Madokami is a private website that hosts manga, novels and artbooks. They upload the same manga rips found on nyaa without compression. You can either download from their site (upto 3 parallel downloads) or directly read in tachiyomi using their extension. You sign up by joining their IRC channel and trying your luck at gacha rolls.

Creating Account ​

IRC Clients

Install an IRC client, HexChat if PC and Revolution IRC if Android. You can't use web IRC clients. You can find more clients here.

Step 1 ​

Connect to Rizon IRC network.

  1. Add nickname for your account
  2. Select Rizon in the network list
  3. Click Edit
  4. Enable Use SSL for all the servers on this network
  5. Enable Accept invalid SSL certificates
  6. Click Close
  7. Click Connect
For Revolution IRC

By default, Revolution IRC doesn't list any networks, so you will need to add Rizon manually by following these steps:

  1. Tap the button in the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Set network name as Rizon
  3. Set server address as
  4. The port used is 6697 by default, set it to 9999 in case of connection issues
  5. Enable SSL/TLS
  6. Set your desired nickname
  7. Save the configuration
  8. You will now see the Rizon network on the main screen. Click on it to start the joining process

Step 2 ​

⚠️ Important

  • Use a real e-mail address. Temporary and throw-away e-mail addresses are not acceptable.
  • Check spam/junk folder too, if you don't see any reply in the inbox.
  • Make sure that your password is longer than 5 characters
  1. Register your current nickname by typing the following: /msg NickServ REGISTER yourPassword [email protected]
  2. Now you should get a confirmation code like this
  1. Copy and paste the confirmation code into the following command: /msg NickServ CONFIRM ConfirmationCodeFromEmail

If the confirmation code above was copied correctly and still gives you an error, just type it out by hand. Copying seems to break it in some cases.

Now, your nickname is registered, and you've automatically been identified. You are eligible to join Madokami. Upon your next visit to Rizon IRC network, use the same nickname, and identify using the following command: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY yourPassword

Step 3 ​

  1. Type /join #madokami at the bottom command bar to join Madokami channel.
  2. Now type /msg sola REGISTER username password in the Madokami channel. You shouldn't reuse the RIZON password here.

You will now see Sola at the left sidebar.

  • If you are lucky, sola will say "ok enjoy ur account"
  • If unlucky, sola will say "you are not favored, try again later"

Repeat this step until you get an account, the cooldown should be 4 hours.

πŸ’‘Auto-join Madokami Channel

You can also set up your client to do this automatically by adding it to the Connect/Autorun commands for the Rizon network.

Hexchat ​

  1. Press Ctrl + S to open Network List & select Rizon in the network list
  2. Click Edit
  3. In Connection Command, click on Add
  4. Add msg NickServ IDENTIFY yourPassword
  5. In Autojoin Channels, click on Add
  6. Add #madokami
  7. Check "Connect to this network automatically"
  8. Uncheck "Use global user information"
  9. In Nick name add your registered nickname
  10. In Second choice add your registered nickname with "_" at the end

Revolution IRC ​

  1. Long press on the rizon network
  2. Click on Edit
  3. Add #madokami in Auto-join channels
  4. Add /msg NickServ IDENTIFY yourPassword in Auto-run commands

Downloading Files ​

FMD2 ​

  1. Download and install FMD2 from here
  2. Update all the modules and restart FMD2 after the update is complete. You can check the update process in Options > Websites > Modules
  3. Then go to Options > Websites > Accounts andd add your Madokami credentials. After that select Madokami and click apply.
  4. Now go to Manga info and paste the URL in Input URL here and click
  5. After it loads the chapters, select the chapters you want to download and click Download
More FMD2 Settings

Auto Scan ​

You can scan a Madokami folder automatically.

  1. Go to Manga info and paste the URL in Input URL here and click
  2. Click Add to favorites. It will be added in the Favorites tab
  1. Go to Options > General and check Minimize on start
  2. Then go to Options > Updates > Favorites and check
    • Auto check for new chapter at startup
    • Auto check for new chapter in an interval. Default 60 should be good enough
    • Automatically download after finish checking

Save as ​

By default, FMD2 will save it as folder. Go to Options > Save to > Save download chapter as and choose your format.

FMD2 can't download 3 files at a time. For that use JDL2.

JDL2 ​

  1. Download and install JDL2 from here
  2. Go to Settings > Basic Authentication and click the Add button at the bottom
  3. Now add the details
    • Server type: http://
    • Host/URL:
    • Username: [Your Madokami Username]
    • Password: [Your Madokami Password]
    • Enable Always checkmark (at the last column) to avoid errors while scraping files in Link grabber
  4. Now go to Link grabber and paste the folder url. It will scrape the manga files.
    • It may scrape corrupted/unavailable cbz files with websites path in the name. Sort the files on name basis and ignore those.
  5. Now select the cbz files and right click. Then press Start Downloads

Tachiyomi ​

  1. Add Keiyoushi repo in your tachiyomi forks
  2. Go to extension list and search Madokami.
  3. Install the extension and go to it's settings page.
  4. Add your login credentials.
  5. Now enter the extension and download your desired manga.