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Squidify is a public music streaming service that offers a vast collection of Anime, Video Game, Movie & TV Soundtracks. You listen to your music collection from any browser or mobile device. Squidify is compatible with the Subsonic/Airsonic API, allowing you to use a wide range of third-party mobile apps to access your music.


Squidify is based on Navidrome which has its own set of third-party Apps besides its own Web UI. It should be compatible with all Subsonic clients. The following clients are tested and confirmed to work properly:

More clients

For more options, look at the list of clients maintained by the Airsonic project


Connecting to Squidify is very easy, just login with the following credentials:

  • Server Address:
  • Port (If needed): 443
  • Username: Guest
  • Password: Guest
  • Force Clear Text Password1: Disabled / Off
  1. We recommend sending the Password as Token + Salt. Not all Clients have this option though.

More info

To request additional soundtracks or inquire about Squidify, join SquidBoard.