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Foobar2000 Customization

Synced Lyrics

Step 1

Download the OpenLyrics component.

Step 2

Open Foobar > File > Preferences or click CTRL + P.

Step 3

Go to Components and click Install.

Step 4

Select the downloaded OpenLyrics component file and open. Then click Apply to load it and OK to restart the app.

Step 5

Then go to Tools > OpenLyrics > Searching. Click on Musixmatch in Available sources. Then << to move it in the main section. Then select Musixmatch again and click UP to the top 3. Click Apply.

Step 6

Go to Tools > OpenLyrics > Searching > Musixmatch. Click ? and then Yes. Hit Apply.

Step 7

Go to Tools > OpenLyrics > Searching > Metadata tags. Set LYRICS as value for both Unsynced and Synced lyrics

Step 8

Go to Foobar > View > OpenLyrics Panel

Now play any song and the panel will show synced lyrics (if it's in the database)

More Settings

Saving synced lyrics as metadata

Go to Tools > OpenLyrics > Saving and set Save method as Save to tag

💡 You can also select multiple song and set synced lyrics for all of them by going to Right click > OpenLyrics > Search for Lyrics